CEKAS is abbreviation for the Centre for Quality and Standards in Social Services. This centre is a part of National Training Fund.

Why we have established CEKAS?

Idea to establish this centre has come to its existence in autumn 2002 following citizen initiative. We addressed approximately 60 experts who had already participated on projects realized in the cooperation with Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and National Training Fund. Majority of these experts approved necessity to establish centre of this kind.
There are results of many pilot projects of Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and other NGOs projects where National Training Fund played the role of organizer or partner. We consider it to be very important to enable wider use of these results and transmit them to authorities, experts and also users of social services themselves.

What are CEKAS objectives?

To provide a space for cooperation between NGOs, state authorities (Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Health) and local authorities (regions, cities and communities) via partner projects and other initiatives.

To transmit information and experience of best practice between Czech Republic and foreign countries.

To go along with and support providers of social services in gradual implementation of quality standards of social services.

To support education, training and supervision of experts who participate in evaluation of quality of social services and in evaluation of related quality standards.

To realize or mediate pilot projects in area of development of new evaluation and self-evaluation methodology.

To do fundraising for above mentioned areas.



Project “Professional voluntary work with children and families at risk in the Czech Republic”

Active project
In 2014 civic association HoSt Home-Start Czech Republic (further mentioned as „HoSt“) in the
partnership with the Centre for the Quality and Standards in Social Services, one section of the
National Training Fund has got project focused on professionalization of voluntary work with
endangered children and families. The project succeeded among huge competition and is fully
financed by THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS from Denmark. 
More information here.

The project ”Street Work for Children and Youth”

Active project
Support of Social Work with At-Risk Children and Youth at the Area of Prevention of Pathological Phenomena Focussed on Clients' Work-Skills Training (Social Entrepreneurship) and Mobile Social Work in Excluded and Remote Areas.
At the turn of the years 2012 and 2013 the Centre for the Quality and Standards in Social Services, one section of the National Training Fund in the partnership with the Czech Streetwork Association has got a large project focused on children and youth at-risk. The project was awarded and is generously financed by THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS from Denmark. We are very happy to say that our organizations have succeeded among more than 200 projects.
More information here.

Project "Playing with Stories" – a new method to involve the child in decision-making processes

Active project
CEKAS at the National Education Fund, jointly with a professional partner, HoSt – Home-Start Czech Republic, has been awarded a grant for its project from the small grant scheme of the Programme CZ04 – Children and youth at risk, which is part of EEA Funds 2009 – 2014. 
More information here.

Certification Agency of the Executive Board of the Government Council for Drug Policy Coordination

Active project

Certification of professional competence in services for drug users is understood to mean an evaluation and formal recognition of the fact that the provided services are in line with the defined quality and complexity criteria (standards). It is the process of evaluation of the services or their parts by external evaluators based on the criteria specified in approved standards as well as the process of granting/not granting a certificate of compliance. 

Accredited educational programs

Active project

National Training Fund is the accredited educational institution accredited by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Services for social care providers

Active project

NVF – CEKAS offers support in the introduction of quality standards in social care services and their further development.

Certified education of providers of social services in the region of Vysocina

Completed project

The objective of the project is through the implementation of educational programs increase competence of individual groups of workers and their professionalism in order to provide quality services based on individual needs of users and respect the protection of their rights.

Supporting process of social services quality development in the region ofVysocina

Completed project

The project aims is to focus attention on the process of providers meeting the obligatory requirements for social service providers. On the basis of quality self-assessment will be planned and implemented concrete measures to fulfill the legislative requirements.

Good practice in the field of quality of services for drug users

Completed project

Certification process of services for drug users has been launched by Resolution of the Czech
Government No. 300/2005 from June 1, 2005. This day is an important milestone for drug
policy of the Czech Government. The certification process is an unique system of quality
evaluation of social services that has not analogy and it is field in which Czech Republic can
hand over experience to other EU countries.