Career guidance and counselling

The Guidance Services Support Unit (GSSU) was established within the National Training Fund in 2006. The GSSU has replaced the National Resource Centre for Vocational Guidance agenda of which had been transferred to the House of International Services of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Activities of the GSSU are particularly focused on:

•Support of guidance services within the labour market sector (close cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic).
•Monitoring of guidance services in the education sector, particularly in higher education.
•Participation in projects focused on:
•Support of the European dimension in provision of guidance services.
•Improvement of guidance services.
•Exchanges of guidance practitioners.
•Promotion of example of good practice in guidance.
•Animation of co-operation between providers of guidance services at national level.

The Unit supports publication activities focusing on educational and vocational guidance, organises information events and specialized events, participates in conception work related to the development of the Czech guidance system and cooperates with the international network Euroguidance. Employees of the Unit are active members of the Association of Educational Guidance Counselors.