D-ILA project: international team completed baseline study to develop digital tool to support individual learning accounts

The project team of the Erasmus+ project „D-ILA – Digital Individual Learning Accounts in the Visegrad Countries“ has published the report of the initial analytical and orientation phase of the project (see here).


The project focuses on soft skills, green skills, language skills and basic digital skills. The aim is to create a data model that will enable the generation of personalised training recommendations using AI tools. The model will take into account the efficient use of financial resources and will be tested within the project. The project will use existing AI tools to create the model.

Our team was in charge of conducting qualitative interviews and their evaluation and participated in other analytical work. The text offers a comparison of the situation of further education in the V4 countries, e.g. a brief comparison of the situation and financing of further education, the current concept of individual learning accounts, micro-certificates or national approaches to soft skills. It also looks at further education databases, available classifications of further education opportunity databases, available classifications of skills and presents and evaluates everything in terms of applicability to the project.