The Competitiveness of the Czech Republic 2008-2009

Chapter - Quality of Human Resources

The fourth of publication, issued jointly by the National Observatory of Employment and Training and the Centre for Economic Studies. Part preparing by National Observatory focused on analysing the quality of human resources consists of three chapters.

The first chapter Preparation of Human Resources for Skills-Intensive Occupations includes two subchapters: (i) Students and Graduates of Science and Technology Fields; (ii) Transition of Science and Technology Graduates into the Labour Market.

The second chapter Continuing Education and Training and the Information Society has two subchapters: (i) Continuing Education and Training in the CR and in the EU; (ii) The Impact of Information Society development on CVTS.

The third chapter Labour Market Flexibility consists of three subchapters: (i) Foreign Employment; (ii) Flexible Working Arrangements; (iii) Wage Differentiation.

The Competitiveness of the Czech Republic 2008 – 2009: Chapter Quality of Human Resources

Place of issue:Praha
Year of issue:2010


Research Centre for Competitiveness of the Czech Economy

Completed project
Project duration: January 1, 2005 – December 31, 2011

Research Centre for Competitiveness of the Czech Economy consists of three organisations (Faculty of Economics and Administration of Masaryk University in Brno, Centre for Economic Studies and National Observatory).

Research was implemented in four interlinking components – growth performance and stability, institutional quality, innovative performance and the quality of human resources.
The National Observatory was responsible for the fourth component.