Working Paper 2/2007: Quality and flexibility of human resources in the Czech regions

Working Paper No. 2/2007, NTF-NOET, Prague 2007 (ISSN 1801–5476)

The first part of the study deals with educational characteristics of human resources in regions of the Czech Republic, particularly their educational structure, educational mobility, the number of students in tertiary education and the rate of participation of adults in non-formal continuing education. The second part examines employment in technology-intensive manufacturing industries, in knowledge-intensive services and in the ICT sector. The final part concerns the differences in the level of entrepreneurship in various regions. It is assessed also the proportion of part-time work, the proportion of people in selected industries and professional categories who perform a second job, etc.

Author:O. Kofroňová, Z. Šímová
Place of issue:Praha
Year of issue:2007


Research Centre for Competitiveness of the Czech Economy

Completed project
Project duration: January 1, 2005 – December 31, 2011

Research Centre for Competitiveness of the Czech Economy consists of three organisations (Faculty of Economics and Administration of Masaryk University in Brno, Centre for Economic Studies and National Observatory).

Research was implemented in four interlinking components – growth performance and stability, institutional quality, innovative performance and the quality of human resources.
The National Observatory was responsible for the fourth component.